Imports Warning


Buyer Beware!

This warning is issued in response to the numerous complaints received from serious customers who have been misled into purchasing "grey" high end audio products by the deceptive advertising placed by unauthorized dealers of such products in the classified sections of specialized magazines or the internet.

As a consequence, we would like to encourage potential customers to only purchase second-hand high end audio equipment from approved resellers, who are the only agents capable of guaranteeing the authenticity and the provenance of these products.

This is also in order to ensure that some of the issues listed below can be avoided:

  • Some of the "grey" products that have been sold at reduced prices have actually been shown to be stolen goods from other countries.

  • Some of the "grey" products that have been sold at reduced prices by non approved dealers have in many cases shown to be faulty.

  • Some high end products are specifically designed for the market they are destined for, so that "grey" products frequently fail to perform as well as approved products designed for particular markets.

  • Some unauthorized dealers have been reluctant to supply serial numbers for the products they sell simply because they do not own the product, and are therefore unable to either provide a particular model's number or warranty its condition.

  • "Grey" imported products do not carry manufacturers' guarantee, and can therefore amount to nothing more than expensive mistakes on behalf of customers unaware of the dangers inherent in engaging in purchases of second-hand high end audio products from unauthorized resellers.

What to do:

Insist on getting the serial number of the product you are interested in and check with the approved importer/distributor its history and whether it's a grey or UK imported product just to ascertain the warranty status of the product.
Avoid buying from any non-authorised dealers.

If in any doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to advice you.