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Absolute Sounds burning desire has always been to give UK-based music fans the opportunity to experience audio at the highest level, cherry-picking the very best components from around the globe to create a 'hi-fi boutique' overflowing with highly covetable, high-performance products.

Below are listed some of Absolute Sounds' recent recommendations of products of the moment to see and hear, the products featured change regularly as new and exciting products are launched, so this is a list to keep your eye on.

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Security and customization Each CTH-8550 is delivered with its own dedicated USB key which contains all customer information: owners name, serial number,  firmware versionVoltage range settings. The provided USB key will also allow for eventually updating either CTH-8550s firmware or software in the future.Casing Entirely designed with a dedicated 3D-CAD software, the new cabinet is m...[more]

Integrated solid state amplifier

Momentum Mono

The Momentum Monoblock Amplifier Achieving what was once thought impossible: incredible power and incomparable finesse in a compact chassis. Creating an amplifier that could meet all the demands of today's audiophiles required two things: one of the world's most talented and experienced designers, and a clean slate. The Momentum is the first amplifier offered by Dan D'Agostino under his own nam...[more]

Mono solid state amplifier

Award Winning Product

DarTzeel true passion for music reproduction, which they have nurtured for 25 years, led us on a long quest to design an audio amplifier that can convey the emotions at the heart of a musical performance.Absolute sounds are proud to introduce the long-awaited result, the darTZeel NHB-108 model one stereo amplifier.Most consumer products today—even some very expensive audio components—are designed ...[more]

Stereo solid state amplifier


Instead of offering a preamplifier based on the same approach as that of our competitors, we at darTZeel chose to think differently, offering for the first time in the world what previously seemed impossible:  No contact or switches or relay of any kind for the selection of the sources. This revolutionary feature brings a new level of transparency. Instead of routing the signal through a...[more]

Stereo solid state phono preamplifier


With the final darTZeel NHB-458, it sets a new standard: after nine years of constant research and continuous development, this amplifier, not only it owns all the qualities of the NHB-108, already acclaimed by the whole audiophile world, but it goes further in revealing a very special machine in every respect. Some key features -The output is still higher than that already showed off the proto...[more]

Mono solid state amplifier


 For Magico, it marks the starting point of an even greater pursuit. As in most products, addressing problems with more precision allows us to carefully consider a broader range of demands. In the Q1, compromises of form factor, mass, power requirments, and versatility were not necessary due to eliminating inefficiencies in common problem solving design principles. The outcome is a compact...[more]

Dynamic loudspeakers

Yter Interconnect

Conductor in Ag-Pd alloy, three phase melting process in electrostatic balance with no sharp edges, Gaussian shape. Cold extrusion in water bath. Dielectric with high-density polimer. RCA Silver connectors of WBT. Standard length: 1 meter....[more]

Interconnect cables

Yter Silver fork

Yter Silver fork...[more]

Loudspeaker cables

Yter Speaker Cable

eTo intervene at a metallurgic level to obtain order and homogeneity of the conductor's crystalline structure, thus providing greater compliance of the music signal within the signal path. Pairing Silver(Ag) and Palladium(Pd) using a new three-phase fusion process is the basic element of the alloy. The crystalline homogeneity of the special alloy is the basis for the metallurgic harmony ...[more]

Loudspeaker cables

Yter XLR

Yter XLR Balanced Cable Standard length: 1 - 1.5 meter, Silver connectors....[more]

Interconnect cables
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