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CSA 100

The CSA100 integrated amplifier is a part of the latest work by Copland, aiming to combine the advantages of tubes and transistor amplification using the synectic design concept that previously has made Copland hybrid amplifiers widely acclaimed. CSA100_front1 One tube is responsible for the CSA100 line amplification and the efficiency of this single tube layout is astonishing. The doub...[more]

Integrated valve amplifier


For low level voltage amplification, valves are in a league of their own with respect to linearity and musicality.  For nearly a decade, COPLAND has contributed to the refinement of amplification using these classic devices. The CTA 305 employs reliable E83CC valves selected after ageing to assure optimal compability.             Each class A lin...[more]

Stereo valve preamplifier


The CTA405-A is an integrated valve amplifier with five line-level inputs, including a tape monitor loop, and a built-in RIAA phono circuit accommodating moving magnet and high output moving coil cartridges. The original CTA405 was launched nearly a decade ago and ever since, it has been an object of desire for audiophiles all around the world. The amplifier is now available in two version...[more]

Integrated valve amplifier


Copland CTA408 Integrated Amplifier There is nothing like an excellent tube amplifier. An amplifier that simultaneously offer a midrange that is open and clear, highs with an unconstrained mobility and acceleration, and a deep, tight and free flowing bass reproduction. The CTA408 Integrated Amplifier is intended for those who prefer the ease of a single chassis amplification, still wanti...[more]

Integrated valve amplifier


For more than half a century, these classic valves have been the foundation of numerous of high quality amplifiers and surely, they will continue to serve as one of the premium choices among manufactures of high-power valve amplifiers. However, nowadays KT120 is the most powerful dedicated audio tube in production. In comparison with the KT88, nearly 30% more power can be drawn from these impre...[more]

Integrated valve amplifier

DAC 215

Copland DA215 is a high quality D/A converter with DSD capabilities using the ES9018 Reference 32-bit DAC in quad-mono configuration, 8 mono to 2 stereo configuration, four D/A converters per channel. It incorporates an asynchronous USB input, tree S/PDIF digital inputs, an analog input, two analogue outputs (fixed and variable) and a complete valve pre-amplifier with analog volume ...[more]



The CDA 822 uses a true 24-bit, high resolution, dual differential, digital to analog converter with current output for widest dynamic ranges, fast conversions and lowest noise. Jitter distortion arising from time errors is virtually eliminated by sample converters and our precision internal master-clock. Increased oversampling of 192 kHz is used to avoid the loss of energy and transparency i...[more]

CD player

Award Winning Product

The CDA823 is an evolution of the renowned CDA822 CD Player. While employing the same outstanding DACs and analogue amplifiers as its predecessor, double resampling and reading speed are now introduced. Increased over-sampling of 192kHz is used to avoid the loss of energy and transparency in a complex analogue output filter. The CDA823 also allows for future updates of firmware through flash progr...[more]

CD player


The new Top Loader CD player from Copland has employed psycho-acoustic modelling in the development of the upsampling filters which concentrate on eliminating the noise prior to each impulse. Copland chose the Philips CD-pro 2 transport, feeding double Wolfson converters running in dual differential mono mode,  with 24bit/192khz processing and a low-jitter master clock. Moreover, the DAC r...[more]

CD player


The integrated amplifier CSA29 combines the benefits of both valves and transistor amplification using the synergic design concept that has made Copland hybrid amplifiers widely acclaimed.The amplifier uses two valves in the input differential stage, allowing the notably smooth and transparent properties of the valves to blend with the power and dynamics of the transistor electronics.  The am...[more]

Integrated solid state amplifier
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